May 30, 2022 • Tony

How can we still prepare your taxes accurately and securely?

Tax day is right around the corner, which means it is time again for tax preparation. Here’s how you can file your taxes quickly and safely today.

If hiring a tax professional is your preference, you’ll need to do this quickly. As the tax deadline for most Americans has come closer, CPAs are becoming booked up with appointments to see their current clients. 

TMT Insurance is excited to offer contactless tax preparation

Before you start filing your taxes, the first step is to collect your tax forms so you aren’t scrambling once you start the process. After that, send us your documents via email [email protected]

Discuss with your tax prepare via phone

If the tax file has no more problems, sign your return electronically

Rest easy knowing your taxes were completed with accuracy and care without an in-person appointment.

To learn more about insurance, contact TMT Insurance to discuss a plan that meets your needs now and in years to come.

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